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1. Discuss the nature of the market structure and demand for Cisco’s products. Table 6.1 from the text provides the foundation for discussing this question. The implications for any and all of these points may be discussed. Suggestions for the points that are most relevant to this case are given below. 2. Given the industries in which Cisco competes, what are the implications for the major types of buying situations? Straight rebuys—because Cisco deals in high-tech, there may be few truly straight rebuys. This is due to the fact that as purchase cycles come up, technology has changed. As a result, corporate buyers are looking at slightly different to extremely different products to replace the ones that they have. Straight rebuys…show more content…
Similar to the benefits achieved by the scientist working on solar technology in the case, P&G should achieve benefits of accelerated new product development. This reduces costs and makes P&G more competitive by bringing new products to market before other
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