New Media: An Examination

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New Media: An Examination The statement "New media does not replace old media it just changes it" is completely true. One of the most lucid manifestations of this assertion is via online cinema and how the Internet has changed the experience of watching both home movies and the rate of attendance of people to movie theatres. This paper will attempt to demonstrate that has technology has become sleeker and more advanced, it's also become smaller more handheld and more able to be possessed by the user. Smartphones, iPads and laptops are all clear examples of this trend. This trend generally reflects the notion that in order for technology to be most useful to the consumer, it needs to be easily contained. Other trends in technology have been speed the more advanced a gadget is, the faster it's expected to run. However, with the progress of technology, it's been easier than ever to watch and stream movies instantly from the comfort of one's home for viewing on one's flat screen television or computer. Old media in many ways represents the centralized broadcast mode of information to the decentralized networked model of the information age (Flew, 2002). This transformation of new media through websites like or has made entertainment a more isolated experience and continues to do so. With the advancement of technology through these websites and instant streaming, the process of entertainment becomes more conducive to pleasing the individual. Entertainment
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