New Media Has Impacted Upon And Influenced Uk Consumers Within A Broader Global Context

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Explore and discuss the extent to which new media has impacted upon and influenced UK consumers within a broader global context. (Define new media in a broad media context, determine the degree to which it has impacted upon behaviour and how it might influence consumer behaviour in a manner different to traditional media)

‘We no longer search for the news, the news finds us’
Erik Qualman - Socialnomics

According to Wikipedia new media is defined as the means of mass communication though the use of digital technologies, such as online newspapers, blogs, video games and social media. Users are enabled to share content around the world by transmitting through connection and conversation, whilst being grounded on an interactive community. Over the recent years, new media has impacted on consumers more than ever. With almost half of the global population being active online and 30% of these owning a social media account, new media plays an extremely large role in society. These figures rise drastically each day. Social Media Today states that social media users have risen by a whopping 176 million in the past year (2014) with six new Facebook profiles being created every second. This is undoubtedly a market worth being a part of from a business perspective. Many companies are benefitting from this as they have seen this as an easy way to influence consumer behaviour and pick up on their habits.…
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