New Media and Consumer Behavior Essay

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New media and consumer behaviour Introduction Social media is changing how marketers relate to their customers over that of traditionalist customer relationship management practices and advertising. It has even been suggested that marketers are losing brand control and must therefore participate in more active, social media conversations in order to gain brand loyalty and brand equity. Consumer behaviour patterns are changing in the 21st Century due to transformations in society as well as the presence of social media outlets that alter the dynamics of consumer relationships with one another and with the organisations that provide products and services. This paper provides a critical discussion of how the presence of social media…show more content…
This contemporary access to new media is effective in satisfying consumers of many different socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds due to inherent needs and motivations that are shared by virtually all consumers globally. “A whole range of psychogenic drives stems from our social environment, culture and social group interactions” (Evans, Jamal & Foxall, 2009, p.5). These psychogenic drives are status-related needs or simply finding a sense of serenity regarding one’s place in the social stratification system. According to psychologists, one of the basic motivational drivers is the establishment of a sense of belonging, believing that one must be recognized by peers and general society through group affiliation. Under most models, establishment of higher-order psychology cannot be established without this affiliation. “The satisfaction of the need for esteem produces self-confidence, prestige, power and control” (Gambrel & Cianci, 2003, p.146). People in global society also need to feel as though they are having an impact on their environment as it relates to power and control (Gambrel & Cianci). These inherent needs for recognition from society and peers are also present in youth consumer markets. According to Berten & van Rossem (2008) adolescents are especially influenced by peer relationships and feedback with whom they have strong interpersonal connections as well as their desired reference group. This is important to
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