New Media's Influence On Society

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Everyone has a voice

Prior to new media evolution, people were extremely limited in interaction with each other and were restricted largely to the people that they knew in-person. Development of new media, especially the social media changes the way people engage, how they communicate and share ideas, entertain themselves down to the way they think. In a tremendously short period of time, new media have accelerated the culture people are living in and transformed the way, in which people live, work and play. One of the biggest changes new media causes in the way that people interact is that it allows information to move at a rapid pace. This has opened-up opportunity to share opinions with a far wider audience and get a message out to thousands or even millions of people uncensored. So, today, people are inundated with a daily deluge of content and anyone can be a powerful source of influence. New media has empowered people to have a voice and a chance to be heard as much or as little as they want. Thus, it has significantly redefined relationships among people and has forever changed the way people do business.

Expectations of today consumers have changed and they are no longer passive consumers. They expect to be respected rather than treated as sales leads and expect gratification when it comes to searching, finding, and having information. Hence, today, the world of consumers is different from its past era, which make past marketing tactics outdated and irrelevant.…
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