New Methods For Planning And Implementation

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Changing environments, regulations, technology, and expenses has challenged the healthcare system to provide new strategies for succeeding and meeting the demands of their patients. New methods for planning and implementation are regularly being suggested and tested. Five peer-reviewed articles on strategic planning for healthcare have been reviewed and applied to the needs of Quailbrook Dental Care. Understanding current tactics will assist the organization in achieving their vision of the future. Classifying Strategic Alternatives Strategic planning involves a variety of considerations and possible solutions, which need to be examined. Making strategic decisions becomes easier if the alternatives are classified into various categories. In the paper written by Nataraajan, Boulton and Balakrishnan (2000), they develop and provide a systematic approach for strategic decision makers in an organization, which they call the Alternative Classification Scheme. The process includes grouping alternatives into a spectrum of completely constrained alternatives to completely unconstrained alternatives, which are ranked. Step 1 is to specify the issue(s) of interest. Step 2 is to identify salient constraints (a maximum of 7). Increasing the number of constraints reduces the number of alternatives. Step 3 is to prioritize constraints. Finally, Step 4 is to classify alternatives by constraints. When these alternatives are laid out next to each other, it is to see the
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