New Methods Of Appetite Control

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In recent years, a variety of new methods of appetite control have been marketed to consumers, both in America and around the globe. There are a variety of different methods, as well, ranging from pure diet and exercise to extreme options like the roux-en-y gastric bypass, meant to prevent absorption of many nutrients by our system. Recently, however, a breakthrough drug has been discovered that mimics the effects of gastric bypass in the sense that it practically reduces the size of the stomach without the risks and dangers of surgery and the potential for complications from the gastric bypass procedure. This new drug has been found effective in small research studies to work with the body to reduce the amount of food eaten, rather than by limiting the absorption of food in the digestive tract. With the successes that have been seen in preliminary research, a grant was given to commission this study, which will examine on a far larger scale whether the relationships that were found in preliminary research will stand up when the drug is given to a much larger sample group. The methodology for this experiment is relatively simple, although for the sake of thoroughness, does need to explain in order to fully understand the scope of the proposed study. The first thing that needs to be discussed is the selection of our participants. While it is possible to gather information by randomly selecting people to participate in this study, the results need to be as accurate as
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