New Mexico: A People of Many Cultures

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If one were to order Chile Relleno at most restaurants in the Eastern part of the United States, one will usually find a cheese stuffed bell pepper on his plate, instead of the long, tasty green chile every Southwesterner would expect. While remaining generally a mystery to other areas of the U.S., green and red chile are staples in many southwestern homes -especially in New Mexico. The New Mexican cuisine is just one aspect of its distinct culture; the food, personalities, art, and vast, beautiful region are all uniquely enchanted (as the State slogan suggests). New Mexico also has a special history; history is the ingredient that has shaped and molded New Mexico into the one and only culture it has today. When one examines New Mexico’s…show more content…
112). Ruberson also stated, “This is the only place where the Natives throw out the conquerors for a long period of time.” The Spanish imposed an abusive rule. This triggered the famous Pueblo revolt in 1680, led by a Native named Popẻ. The rebelling Natives killed hundreds and burned “Spanish Ranches and government buildings” (Nash et al. 81). “It is not a completely successful event because the Spanish do reconquer,” Ruberson says, “but it is successful for a while.” Upon return, Spanish eased hold on Pueblos. The Pueblos also realized that they needed the Spanish for protection from other tribes. Like a mixture of ingredients in different increments, times, and amounts in a recipe, “[d]uring the 300 years that the Spanish coexisted with New Mexican tribes, the two societies intermingled to create a uniquely New Mexican culture” (Murphree, Daniel S. 790).
The establishment of the United States
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