New Mexico 's The Role Of The Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Essay

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New Mexico’s Role in the ACA
Typically, when the United States mandates a new federal policy, it is up to the implementation of states to enforce; The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is no exception. While the ACA has sparked a particularly concerted effort of objection amongst states (Leonard, 2012), it can be extremely beneficial to see the outcome of this implementation in the political context of each state and learn from their differences. In New Mexico, the main objective of the ACA was achieved; when reviewed in 2015, 52,358 individuals had either opted for or were re-enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace who would have otherwise been uninsured (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, 2015). As the future of the policy will rapidly change in the coming months, it is imperative that a concerted effort be made to look at what worked in the past few years so that the next few may move forward rather than rehash a previously treaded path.
Chosen Implementation It is the way in which these 52,358 individuals have gone through the process which may look slightly different from other states. In addition to prescribing to the changes which all States saw (coverage for those under 26 by the parent’s coverage, non-discriminatory practices, increase support of health centers, etc), New Mexico was one of just 30 states to opt to expand Medicaid coverage under the policy (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, 2015). By so doing, the state added an
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