New Modes For Teaching Skills And For Knowledge Acquiring

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All modern societies will agree on new modes for teaching skills and for knowledge acquiring. According to comprehensive understanding of teaching and learning, it has to involve in all the cognitive and analytical functions of the human brain. VARK similarly a method which tries to cover all human brain’s capabilities, like, Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic capacities of the brain. Neil Fleming in 1987 introduced this model of learning and teaching, specifically for the field of Science and it is being used in the world ever since as a standard mode (Fleming, 2011). The use of this model really helped in getting valuable results and is easy to evaluate the effect of the system. Mutimodal is a powerful means of understanding things. The result of my research is as following: Visual 4, Aural 10, Read/ Write 11, Kinesthetic 9. This result shows that I am a person with multimodal preference. The preferable learning technique for me is Read/ Write: yet, with eagerness, I anticipate to search more learning skills
Each has their own particular system in picking up new things. For me, usually learn better by reading and writing. In my time, at school and college we sat close to the professor to pick up things. Gathering information from Books and making note became a habit from the school time onwards. Also each day it was repeated to get registered in my brain. By doing this mode of learning, it also made to realize my negatives, especially, lack of certain modes of
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