New Motorcycle Helmet And Safety Technology

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Within the last few decades technology has made incredible advances. We have traded in our flip phones for smart phones, massive televisions for thin HD (High Definition) quality tv’s, and maps for GPS (Global Positioning Service). Even automobiles have received a sufficient amount of advancements including backup cameras, built in GPS, and quality audio for your luxurious preferences. That being said, “What has technology prepared to improve on the quality of a motorcycle rider?” Motorcyclists average more deaths per year, than the entire time America has been at war fighting terrorism. Well now with the help of Digital Trends and Revzilla, Skully helmets introduce to the world the innovative, state of the art, Skully ap-1 helmet. With…show more content…
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are 840,000 wrecks due to blind spots. This feature alone will drastically reduce that number and ultimately save lives. Another innovative feature this helmet provides is a HUD (Heads Up Display). This display can provide the rider with a more interactive setting. Such as blinking dot when a vehicle is too close and also when you might get cut off. The HUD can also display your current gear and speed your traveling. This is very beneficial due to the fact that many drivers get complacent behind the wheel and that usually leads to accident. With these three astonishing features the Ap-1 provides, the rider will be more aware of their surroundings which will tremendously lower the risks of an accident. A lot of automobile drivers do not like to ride their motorcycle because it does not have the slightest, yet very beneficial items that a new automobile has. An additional remarkable feature Skully has added to this helmet is the luxurious capabilities a car partakes in. This helmet allows the rider to have an amazing experience just like a car. One of these features is its Bluetooth capabilities. Most motorcyclists use headphones to listen to their music and when their ear buds fell out the rider had to remove his entire helmet and put them back in. This task may be minor but can be very irritating after a certain point. Can you imagine

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