New Normal Project : An Intervention For Grief And Loss

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The article “New Normal Project: An Intervention for Grief and Loss”, talks about a technique that is used to help clients to process grief and loss, and recognizes that the client “is the expert on their experience” (Vaterlaus, J., pg. 79). After a counseling session, the client receives a handout that explains the stages of grief and the counselor helps the client to understand that the process is normal. The new normal project helps the client to identify strengths to retain and potential solutions for the grief (pg. 79). The end product is a representation of what the client’s new normal will be, and the project is “benign enough that no one else will know what it means when it is placed in the client’s living environment” (pg. 79). It is possible that the new normal project helps patients that have gone through different kinds of losses, however, there’s not a lot of supporting evidence with the results of this specific type of therapy. The article states that “the creative and tangible nature of the intervention could potentially be helpful when working with clients from younger age groups, but may also be appealing to adult clientele” (pg. 81-82). But it does not specify if, for example, it will help with a symbolic loss. It is known that symbolic losses are more spiritual, less tangible and physical. Since the approach of this therapy is creativity, it is possible that younger clients get more benefit from it. However, it’s going to be harder for a child-teenager to

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