New Orleans Style Wine Bar Essay

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In a small, cozy New Orleans-style wine bar in Miami, the night of October 17, 2016, a band called "Zach Larmer Electric band" formed by four musicians, Zach Larmer (main guitar), Tal Cohen(keyboard), Adam (second guitar), and a friendly man at the drums delighted us with their very special Jazz music. The band” Zach Larmer Electric Band is one of the top jazz groups in South Florida and is receiving increasing recognition for their unique blend of progressive funk rhythms with deep jazz harmonies.” (
Lagniappe (Bar -, is a pleasant bar with a particular decoration, full of paintings and quotes of different styles, furniture of different styles also, from ancient to modern, with a seating capacity for no more than fifty five listeners, but is exactly what makes the place unique and special.
When I got to the bar around 8:00 pm, it was still early because the concert was supposed to start around 9:00 pm, but two of the musicians were starting to get to the place and setting some instruments up. By around 8:40 pm, the four musicians now all together in the inside part of the bar started to set up their instruments, drums, keyboard, guitars and some maracas, as well as speakers and microphones, also people got seated inside with their wine glasses or beers and some food that is also offered in the bar. I sat in the middle of the concert in a little with my friend, so I could have a great view of the performance, watch every detail
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