New Orleans : The Big Easy

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Mardi Gras City. Crescent City. The Big Easy. Jazz City. The Party City. The only city that can be identify by its history and people still know the name, New Orleans. New Orleans is the kind of city that can be toured 100 times and learn something new. New Orleans is not a tourist area because of entertainment it bring to people, but the rich history. New Orleans is a city that was own by the French and the Spanish. The various culture that can from immigrants brought New Orleans to where it is today. New Orleans has many positive aspect, but also negative one. There are four monuments in the city that represent the Confederacy. General P.G.T. Beauregard, Jefferson Davis, and General Robert E. Lee were all at one point the President of the Confederacy. The battle of Liberty place monument represent the Confederacy attacking Louisiana State Government. A time where the United States of America was split into two. This was called the Civil War. Theses three individuals and the symbol of the battle of the Confederacy are put on pedestals around the city. The people who put these statues up wanted to keep slavery and white supremacy over others. It just makes since that now in this day in age, we do not praise these individuals for wanted to keep slavery. New Orleans can move ahead with plans to remove prominent Confederate monuments from the city 's streets. A federal judge ruled Tuesday, delivering a blow to preservationists and a chapter of the Sons of Confederate

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