New Orleans Zoo

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What’s the point in living here anymore? There are so many reasons why people live in one place. But what would happen if your town, your city, your community got destroyed. What if you had no place to live, no family to go to, everything was just gone? All this happened an one big city named New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Dams were broke, rivers were flooded, roads were destroyed, but nothing came down to this. All the houses, the people, the town just gone and would never be the same. As soon as Katrina hit, it's how everything was all messed up and how no one was in the town. A little bit after people started to come back but nothing was ever the same. They say that they would sit in a little place and talk about how everything has changed and that they would drink. Towards the end of the book they say that they are waiting on…show more content…
For a storm this big the people who worked at the zoo did a amazing job saving all theses animals. At the New Orleans Aquarium, the aquarium lost virtually all of its 10,000 fish. Electricity has since been restored at the facility. The aquarium’s large white alligator, macaws, raptors, electric eel, and eight large tarpons were the only fish survivors. Due to the National Guard of Louisiana the New Orleans aquarium had to release five of it sea turtles into the gulf of mexico in the earlier weeks. When the storm hit the aquarium lost power, but relied on generator for keeping critical equipment operating. The aquarium also had plenty of food and freshwater, but within days of Katrina’s passing the backup power supply failed, killing the facility’s life support systems. Thousands of fish died due to lack of oxygen and irregular temperatures (higher temperature, less oxygen is dissolved in water and more aeration is required). The staff did its best to save as many animals as possible but the conditions of New Orleans made the final result
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