New Planets Reflection

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Entering this technologically and scientifically-advanced era has gradually been extremely beneficial for scientists as well as the population. With our new technology, we have gradually discovered more and more celestial bodies that may or may not be able to support life. Since 2005, we have found more and more ‘super-Earths’, which is a term used for an extrasolar planet that has a mass higher than planet Earth’s but below the mass of the solar systems’ gas giants. In some cases, these super-Earths contain water as well as potential living support. In 2011, fifty new planets were found. Sixteen of them are super-Earths. As the article states, these planets were found by a High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher – HARPS for…show more content…
If you think of the future discoveries and the instruments used to find these planets, you can connect it to Human Ingenuity since these instruments were specially designed to conquer the mysteries of the world. The instruments built now and in the future connect to Human Ingenuity because they are built, used and have consequences. Since Human Ingenuity also focuses on the way the society can change, it connects to this discovery as well as further exposures, considering that travelling to a planet that can support life can change the world, for the better or worse. Discoveries like this have disclosed many questions. However, every discovery brings upon a need for
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