New Players First Start At Two Years, And I Enjoy Playing It

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Dear Mr. Takaaki Kidani, the CEO of Bushiroad,
I am Cong Nguyen, a Cardfight Vanguard player. You know, the card game that your company owns. I have played the game for two years, and I enjoy playing it. I can spend the whole day talking about how I love the game, but in this letter I want to address some problems that Vanguard is facing instead. Although you may have already heard of the problems that I will present, I hope you will spend time listening to my complaints.
New players first start by playing budget decks or simple decks because those decks don’t require the players to do much thinking when playing Vanguard. As the players progress, they will soon realize that the budget version lacks power as well as the ability to create some combos in gameplays. In tournaments, budget decks normally have zero chance of winning against full power decks. A full power deck consists of many exceptional cards that can help the players gain huge advantages like drawing cards or making multiple attacks, and unfortunately, those cards don’t exist in a budget deck. Thus, new players will need to upgrade their decks if they want to play competitively. Let’s take me as an example. I want to build an awesome Dark Irregulars Deck, and thus I need a card named Gilles De Rais. The current price for Gilles is about $26 per copy, and I need at least two of it because it requires another copy of itself to be playable. So, $52 would be spent if I do want to use the card. Since I can play a

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