New Political Philosophy for Russia Essay

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New Political Philosophy for Russia ABSTRACT: Both domestic and foreign policies of each state presuppose a certain ideology as a foundation. In a broad sense, an ideology may be regarded as a certain 'system of coordinates,' an interpretational model of the world (Weltanschauung) including both empirico-theoretical (realizing a nation's place in regional and global contexts, with a clear understanding of national interests, goals and resources) and metatheoretical (comprehending a nation in the context of human history and culture) levels. Some of the main issues on the agenda in Russia are the clear understanding and definition of national goals and interests, the formulation of a strategy of development in economic, -social,…show more content…
I would take a risk to assert that at present time Russia does not have an ideology or a system of values able to unite the society. To say in short, I strongly argue that Russia needs a new strategy of development, a new national idea which can replace (or, in fact fill the vacuum remained after the collapse of) the old communist ideology which had been guiding Russian politics for nearly 75 years. We can, of course, discuss about the very necessity and the usefulness of an ideology or a national idea as such and whether it is not a mistake to create any national idea, because this idea may become an idee-fixe, which may mean intolerance to the others. As we look at Russian history and political culture we may see the strong tradition of charismatic type of leadership and that Russia for a long time had been guided by a certain idea or a concept ("Moscow is the Third Rome"; "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, National Character", communist "radiant future") which had a great influence on politics, political behavior and political symbolic. Since Russia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious country with it's specific regional diversity and historical background, such an idea (or a strategy) on the one hand should not be merely a revert to one of the previous ideologies (either monarchist or communist) and on the other hand should not be an imitation or a transfer of

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