New President: Are You Safe?. Since Mr. Trump Started His

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New President: Are you safe? Since Mr. Trump started his campaign to become the next president, most people took him as a complete joke. Many people did not think that he would make it far enough. Although, many people thought that it was a great idea to have such a high profile multi-millionaire run for president. They believed that he would really “make America great again”. Others, like myself were astonished at the joke and mockery this man was making out of everyday people. Most of us began to feel fear for the future. Not only were we scared for the future but we were scared of the unknown.
The day Trump won the presidential election, my family cried. Not only are we minorities, but we are Mexican. My children have never cried …show more content…

How much is this wall going to cost us? A wall is not going to stop incoming traffic, nor will it stop the illegal drugs that cross the border on a daily basis. There will always be a way for these drugs and people to cross into the United States, whether it is legally or illegally. The drug problem needs to first be fixed within our country in order for the demand for them to decrease. The decrease in need for drugs will decrease the drugs being brought into the country. Yes, drugs can kill and are dangerous but how is the wall going to stop all of this? Maybe the best plan of action for that would be to have the money that would go to build a wall go to help drug addicts get into programs that could assist them with stopping their use in drugs and becoming active members of society.
A few weeks ago they started the mass raids in many different states rounding up “illegal criminals”. One of those arrested was a young man that was at home while ICE raided his house in search of his father. Unfortunately for this young man he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. This young man is a DACA beneficiary. DACA is a program that was brought out with president Obama’s executive order. This program is made to protect those that were brought into the United States as minors (before the age of 16). In order to qualify for DACA you had to present a long list of proofs. You had to prove your identity. You must prove that you were physically present inside of the United

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