New Product Development

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Task Two – Target 1200 words

QN: Identify the skills needed for successful New Product Development and where they will be found within or outside the organisation, with consideration to the roles of the team members.


Developing a successful drive for new products and product development of TSS’ product range is a very complex process with the main difficulties, from a marketer’s perspective, being the integration of a team of various people or departments involved in the product development. Belbin (2004) concluded that there were only a few ways that people could contribute to teamwork with the essential contributions comprising of the following; Co-ordinating the efforts of the team, Creating ideas, Motivating and driving the
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At this stage it’s also necessary to have skills that will understand the diffusion of the innovation process for the TSS products in particular. This diffusion process will guide the market testing and commercialisation phases. Good marketing skills will contribute greatly to the success of the NPD process.

Having ascertained the capability requirements for the NPD Process above, it’s necessary to build a team that will steer this process to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Forming a team, to complete a major task within the organisation may be compared with the external activities of building collaborative networks. Successful internal collaborative networks, just like their external counterparts, are about informal processes based on trust, information sharing, joint decision-making and collective responsibility (Sherrat, 2012).

Belbin (2004) helped define the important individual team roles and the person specifications for a team such as one set up for NPD as can be seen in Appendix (III). He further suggested that each team needed an optimum
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