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New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part II New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part II Digital Display Corporation (DDC) is launching an innovative product that will display caller identification of cellular phone calls in the automobile windshield. DDC is in the process of performing a market segmentation of potential consumers of the product. The organization must understand decision motivators and buying behaviors of customers. DDC will develop a tactical plan to manage each stage of the PLC and provide the product mix including features and benefits, branding, and core competencies of the product. DDC will also define a position statement for the product and provide supporting information for the positioning strategy. Target…show more content…
All of the products in the DDC line is going to be created differently than any of the other brands offered by competition. Research has been complete on the competitors, General Motors and there is no mention of the waranty and guarantee of their product. In the GMC Acadia Denali, the vehicle comes equipped with a windhsield odometer reading, so that the drive does not need to look down at the odomete while driving and they can read the speed while looking at the road. DDC is going to brand the product not only to vehicle manufacturers but to consumers as well. The brand is going to be featured on talk shows and will be mentioned in vehicle advertisements, so consuemrs are aware of the main reason behind having this safety feature in the car. Packaging and Labeling This chip cannot be installed directly by the consumer without the proper tools and going into the electrical system of the vehicle. The packaging will include the chip and electrical wiring for manufacturers to install into the vehicle. The packaging will be a small white box with a picture of the chip on the front of it and the name of the brand across the top. The label will include a bar code on each package that ensure the product is legitimate and registered to DDC. The packaing will also include a hands on manual of all the features, benefits and proper installation instructions. The manual should be included with the vehicle manual for the consumer to know
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