New Product Launch Strategy: Evaluation Model

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ARTICLE IN PRESS Technovation 26 (2006) 1244–1252 An evaluation model of new product launch strategy Yi-Chia ChiuÃ, Benson Chen, Joseph Z. Shyu, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Chung Hsing University, 250 Kuo-Kuang Road, Taichung 402, Taiwan Abstract The objective of this article is to develop an empirically based framework for formulating and selecting a product launch strategy. Managers usually face Fuzzy decision scenarios. Traditional decision-making methods fail to satisfy a manager’s need in this regard. Thus, a hierarchical fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making (Fuzzy MCDM) method for evaluating a new product launch strategy is proposed in this…show more content…
A hierarchical fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making (Fuzzy MCDM) method is proposed. In order to show the practicality and usefulness of this model, an example is offered to verify this method. The remainder of this paper is organized into four sections. First, we review the literature pertaining to product launch strategy and derive a hierarchical strategy model as our main framework for research. We then give the details of this method. This method was then used to analyze the Taiwan IC industry. Finally, we discuss the results and implications of this model. Strategic launch decision • Product strategy • Market strategy • Competitive strategy • Firm strategy Product performance • Overall • Customer-determined • Financial • Technical performance Tactical launch decision • Product • Price • Promotion • Distribution 2. Product strategy Competitive advantage is derived from increases in customer-delivered value that typically involves product strategy, especially launch strategy. Past research on the market timing or entry decision issue suggests that the entry strategy affects the entrants’ performance in the marketplace (Ali et al., 1995). Calantone and MontoyaWeiss (1993) noted that product launch is often the most expensive, risky and least well-managed part of the overall product

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