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Hamdard Institute of Management sciences

“Panadol Cold & Flu”

Submitted To: Sir Iftikhar Munir

Submitted by:

Amjad Ali

Shakir Rahman

Sherbaz sheikh


Muhammad Irfan

Session: 2015-16

Date: 05-06-2015

1. Introduction
2. Background information
3. Strategic Objectives: It is expected that the brand with its new positioning will achieve four major objectives:
a) Improve awareness level and build up image of "non-drowsy" cold medication
b) Achieve sales target in2015, with increased brand growth
c) Increase market share, mainly from key competitor
d) Contribute a significant percent of total company
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Panadol Cold & Flu has been listed in all major sales channels. The sales split between "drugstores" and "supermarket" sectors is also similar to the overall market volume split. Majority of the business (75% in volume) comes from "drugstore" sector, including both chain drugstores and general trade independent drugstores. The rest of the business comes from the "supermarket" sector.

The company is also far-sighted enough to anticipate an increase in consumer demand after the new advertising campaign will be launched. Therefore, special trade deal promotions will be arranged even before the campaign to prevent any out-of-stock situation. Apart from listing Panadol cold & Flu in all major supermarkets and drugstores, efforts were also made to gain extra display area for the product in all distribution channels. Check-out rack display rental and other point-of-sales materials which are displayed together with the whole Panadol range are displayed for maximum brand awareness and exposure.


The communication campaign supporting the new positioning consists of TV, outdoor advertising and instore display materials. This three prong approach ensures that the maximum number of customers can be reached. At the same time, the message of non-drowsiness and the
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