New Public Management : The Case Of Police Department

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New Public Management; the case of U.S Police Department

The purpose of this research paper was to understand the new public management (NPM), its writers and/or inventors and its applicability to the U.S police department. The design and methodological approach for this paper was in such a way that, it reviewed the various literature and history that existed concerning the use and application of this theory on public departments, that is in the public sector and policing in the U.S, and the Western nations in general. It also considered the use of NPM in police management programs in the U.S. The paper review identified that the use and/or application of the NPM is possible especially when used in conjunction with such policing approaches as community-oriented policing. It also noted that the adoption of NPM should be cultural in specific and that be implemented within local capability constraints. The Practical implications in this paper were that police reforms, transparency and accountability are to be considered as important for all post-conflict and transitioning police departments. Therefore, the findings of this paper are useful for the implementation and/or planning of police restructuring programs and reforms.

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Running head; New public management 1
Abstract 2
Problem statement 4
1.0 Introduction 5
2.0 Literature review 7
3.1 Introduction 11
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