New Red Planet Research

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Was Mars once a lush forested marshland? Scientists may have finally found evidence of such a theory. This discovery could also place a timeline to aliens on the Red Planet as well. Leaving SpaceX to make contact in 2020. Currently, Mars is a pretty cold and inhospitable place. It looks like Arizona high desert without plant life or other organisms. Researchers have confirmed that Mars sits in the planetary “Habitable Zone.” The Red Planet is on the edge, but it shares this zone for potential life with Earth. Unfortunately, Mars is presently a frozen wasteland. However, Science is amazing and they may have dug up some new dirt about Mars’ past.

New Red Planet Research
A YouTube video published by MLordandGod discusses new research from Georgia Tech and the Search for Extra-Terrestrial
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You may be thinking this is all another alien inspired theory. After all, data from a bunch of hung-over grad students and researchers at the E.T. institute doesn’t sound too solid. However, they may be on to something. NASA recently confirmed that Mars might be recovering from an ice age that ended roughly 400,000 years ago. Data from the NASA Mars Orbiter suggests that the Red Planet poles were once covered in massive amounts of ice. And these ice caps have been thawing since. This makes the Martian planet quite similar to Earth. It also would support the recent research of marshland on the Red Planet as well.

Team SpaceX for Martian Mission
There is really no denying that SpaceX will land humans on Mars. With funding from NASA and their Falcon 9 rocket with Dragon spacecraft, SpaceX seems to be the best bet. One question remains, who will be on team SpaceX for the Martian mission? I am sure Elon Musk will have a seat on his Dragon. Maybe we can load up Trump, Al Sharpton, and Brad Pitt for the SpaceX voyage to meet humanoid aliens. SpaceX could also return Gary Busey to his alien home while they are up there. Who else could we send to represent

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