New Relations With Cub A Historic Mistake

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New Relations with Cuba: A Historic Mistake President Barack Obama and dictator Raul Castro restored democratic ties on December 17, 2014, after 18 months of secret talks. This process was accomplished with the help of Pope Francis who acted as an intermediary and ambassador of peace between both nations. The only condition of the Obama administration to continue with this process was a prisoner swap between both countries. Even though Obama has concerns about human rights violations and the lack of democratic freedoms in Cuba, neither of these concerns were addressed during meetings as part of these new relations. In the 2016 election year, the normalization of relations with Cuba is one of the most controversial and concerning issues regarding foreign policy that America faces today. It seems that Obama wants to comply with all the Cuban regime demands and in turn not expect any changes from the Cuban government. Those who agree with this position, also want to end the US embargo on Cuba, but what they fail to realize is that what has oppressed the people of Cuba for over 50 years are government imposed internal restrictions and their embargo to its people. The reality is that these changes rather than help the people of Cuba, in turn, empower the Castro dictatorship and allow them to continue to oppress and violate the human rights of the Cuban people. Per Senator Marco Rubio “the embargo is not what is hurting the Cuban people. It is the lack of freedom and…

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