New Research And Development Group

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The new research and development group, LSDG, of HACKD, LLC, will be migrating all Windows XP machines to a Red Hat Enterprise 5 Linux distribution to optimize performance and user capability. As described perfectly by Karen Schwartz there are many reasons to switch “The reasons are compelling: greater stability and reliability, lower cost, access to application source code, greater security, and conformity with open standards” (Schwartz, 2004). The LSDG group will access and share resources with HACKD, LLC.’s Active Directory domain such as authentication, DNS, DHCP and file services to save on expenses and reduce the required footprint and administrative overhead. Hardware Requirements The current Windows XP machines within HACKD LLC. have the following hardware specifications: Intel Core 2 processor, 2GB RAM memory, 80GB hard drive, 10/100 Mbps network cards, 4 USB 2.0 USB ports, and 15 inch LCD monitors. In order to support the migration to a Red Hat Linux Distribution the system requirements as identified by the Red Hat Customer Service Portal (2015) Table 2.2 are: • Criteria • Requirements • Operating System • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5 with the latest patches and upgrades • CPU Type • Pentium 4 or higher; 2 GHz or higher • Memory/RAM • 1 GB minimum, up to the system limit • Hard Disk • 4 GB minimum • Other • To run the Directory Server using port numbers less than 1024, such as the default port 389, you must setup and start the Directory Server as
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