New Retail Shop in Plovdiv- Zara

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Project Executive Summary In recent months, Zara has observed the demand for a second retail shop in Bulgaria, located in Plovdiv. Therefore, the business aspect for this project is the growing and developing of the trademark Zara. The fact that Zara already has its first shop in Bulgaria (Sofia) and the profits are really higher, leads to the assumption that the project for opening a second shop will gain even higher results in the future. What is more, there is an analysis that shows the more and more increasing demand for Zara’s products. Thus, the project for a new shop in Plovdiv will assure people’s needs and wants. Project Overview Due to the increasing demand of Zara’s fashion clothes worldwide and in Bulgaria as well,…show more content…
Of course, each of the sub-projects has its own particular deliverables that will be illustrated in the following lines. • Deliverable 1- Architecture: - Creation and completion of the design of the new store as a whole - Completion of the interior and exterior design in details • Deliverable 2- the Building Process: - Giving instructions of the workers - Observation of the working process • Deliverable 3- Deadlines: - Observation of the work for the end completion of the project - Distribution of the needed materials for the construction - Following the dates of deadlines during the project • Deliverable 4- Marketing: - Effective promotions - Effective advertising - Effective distribution of the budget Organizations Affected or Impacted The impact of this project on other organizations needs to be determined to ensure that the right people and functional areas are involved and communication is directed appropriately. Organization How are they affected, or how are they participating? Architecture Department The architecture department is responsible for whole outlook of new store ‘Zara’- the external and internal details. In other words it has to complete the interior and exterior design of the store. Department for the Building Process This department takes care of the whole working process

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