New Revenue Streams for the National Maritime Museum

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Bishoff and Allen (2004) state that “most cultural heritage institutions are mission driven; their primary purpose is to support and promote the public good.” Just as The National Maritime Museum mission statement is “to illustrate for everyone the importance of sea, ships, time and stars and their relationship with people”. Swan (2012), explained in her presentation that “this is the largest maritime museum in the world which attracted 2.45 million visitors in 2010 /2011 and 709.000 visitors just at the National Maritime Museum alone”. Museum is the place for learning, education and socialisation. Sources that contribute to museums’ earned revenue include admission, gift shop, memberships, facility rentals and other variety of sources…show more content…
The National Maritime Museum is a very welcoming place and vide range of information can be found on their website. There is as well an interactive part were children with an adult help can make various things like sea monster mask or globe. Many interesting tasks in “Make your own” can be done at home but for the children of age 5-8 parents’ interaction would be needed. While further looking how this could be brought in to a promises the idea came to mind. Rather than having the tool in making mask or globe on line children could be doing it at the museum. There are no complicated tools or objects involved in the process and children would not be proud in taking an item home and sharing with their friends or siblings. This would as well show to parents that the museum is not just about looking at the material collected. Children at the age of 5-8 are particular excited in showing their achievements. The National Maritime Museum holds pirate day every Wednesday and Friday and there are six sessions between both days. This shows that there is an interest for schools to organise trips and bring children were they can become pirates for the day. Young boys and girls are very interested in pirates. As their imagination is full of excitement it can be further broadened by inviting them to dress up as pirate. Dressing up as a pirate would give them enjoyment and feeling that they are real characters. They can as well

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