New Rochelle City Of New York City

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New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, outside Of New York City. Housing an approximate 77,062 people, this city is home to a diverse population of residents. The majority of this community is currently 50% White; however, the community is well blended due to the presence of Hispanics/ Latinos making up more than 20% of New Rochelle. Blacks or African Americans makeup an approximate 15% within the population. The male population of New Rochelle consists of a total 36,980, whereas the female population stands at 40,082, taking majority. The median age for the community lies at 38-years- old, and the urban, up- scale environment is home of the infamous, ‘New Roc City,’ in the downtown area of New Rochelle. ‘New Roc City’ serves as an entertainment complex and hangout spot to residents, as well as non- natives of the area; it consists of an IMAX theater, restaurants, and many other family friendly attractions. Although the majority of the population is within the ages of 45 to 49, the New Rochelle community accommodates to more of the high school and college crowd populations.
Background History of New Rochelle
New Rochelle is a city in recovery; after going through a time of collapse throughout the 1980s, it has been putting life back into its downtown and waterfront territories with a goal to enhance the quality of life for current and future residents. In an area packed with Native American, British and Dutch history, New Rochelle 's starting points and how it got…

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