New Rochelle City Of New York City

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New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, outside Of New York City. Housing an approximate 77,062 people, this city is home to a diverse population of residents. The majority of this community is currently 50% White; however, the community is well blended due to the presence of Hispanics/ Latinos making up more than 20% of New Rochelle. Blacks or African Americans makeup an approximate 15% within the population. The male population of New Rochelle consists of a total 36,980, whereas the female population stands at 40,082, taking majority. The median age for the community lies at 38-years- old, and the urban, up- scale environment is home of the infamous, ‘New Roc City,’ in the downtown area of New Rochelle. ‘New Roc City’ serves as an …show more content…

"The city was settled in 1688 by a group of French Huguenots, who named their new home Nouvelle Rochelle (TracyD; 2012)," out of appreciation for their old home in France. In spite of the fact that different groups have settled in the region continuously over time, the impact of the French Huguenots has been in existence for years; actually, this year as of 2015 will mark the 327th Anniversary of New Rochelle 's existence. The achieved milestone commends the coming of the "Huguenots from La Rochelle, France, in 1688 and the immigration and development that has shaped New Rochelle’s suburban life today (Horn, 2012)."
Economy/ Crime/ Education Demographics
Within the New Rochelle community, 63.4% of households are made up of families; according to Point2 Homes, as of this year, the community’s average household income lies at $98,180. However, the median income for residents under 25 is $28,004; a major difference in income. The height of the average household income displays how New Rochelle can be a genuinely costly place to live. New Rochelle 's area on Westchester 's Long Island Sound shore places it inside one of the state 's wealthiest districts. There are loads of gated communities and multimillion dollar houses all through the city and you would need to make upwards of a hundred thousand dollars a year to live agreeably in one of them. The employment statistics demonstrate that there are 70% white collar employees (formally trained

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