New Safety Level, And More Environmental Friendly Technology On Their Vehicles

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new safety level, and more environmental-friendly technology on their vehicles. Those are the values the upstream industry gives to the core industry and the consumers as well. 3.4.2. Dealers Dealerships contributes to the regional economies and government revenues. They are related to their core automobile industries. For instance, in the declining era of General Motors and Chrysler on 2009-2010, the franchise dealerships were also affected. According to company restructuring plans, during those years, about 2000 GM and Chrysler dealership closed (Center for Automotive Research, 2015) . Based on the same source, the number of operating dealerships in the US has been declining on average nearly 200 units per year (from 1988 to 2007). By January 2008, there were 20,770 new-vehicle dealerships in the US, declined to 17,540 units by January 2012, then expanded slowly to become 17,665 by January 2014. The presence of new and used car dealerships in every state in the US has given contributions to its community. As we know that auto dealerships can be found easily in nearly every community across the country–in rural and urban areas, their benefit can be perceived by their community. They support local communities by their charity, taxes, and some of sponsoring local sport teams. It may benefit to improve the economy also quality of life in surrounding areas. The automobile industry should make collaboration with the dealership as well. The 2015 Auto Industry Trends

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