New Science Vocabulary Analysis

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“Effective vocabulary instruction is multidimensional and intentional” (Sweeny & Mason, 2011). It is important for teachers to find helpful strategies when teaching new science vocabulary to their students. Technology today has opened a whole new world of strategies for teaching science vocabulary such as, word games, scavenger hunts, graphic organizers, etc. instead of the old way of just having students write the words in a notebook and find the definitions in a dictionary or glossary. In order to keep students engaged in learning teachers need to make sure that their instruction is interactive and fun. To help with learning academic vocabulary teachers need to incorporate the following; helpful strategies and activities, provide students with instruction and development, and ways to differentiate in order to meet the needs of ELLs and students with learning disabilities. In learning about science it is the teachers job to teach…show more content…
Teachers need to organize the vocabulary words into three categories, such as, “Tier I words include words that are almost universally known (tree, leaf); Tier II words include almost all of the words we need to teach students; and Tier III words are infrequent and technical (photosynthesis) that are best learned at their point of need” (Flood & Lapp, 2016). Providing students with learning disabilities assistance (one-on-one) and modifying their assignments will help them to feel more comfortable in the learning of the vocabulary content. A teacher’s aid can be useful in a classroom when it has students with disabilities. Using scaffolding and graphic organizers are other ways to help students with the concepts of learning science vocabulary words. For example, Venn Diagrams, Semantic Map (Concept/Key Word), Compare/Contrast, Cause and Effect Diagrams, and so many
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