New Service Or Product Development Process

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New Service or product development process
The FedEx Corporation has a main focus on innovation striving to come up with better ideas that will benefit their customers and the organization as well. FedEx 's automated shipping system, FedEx Tracking and their electric trucks are a few examples of the innovative products that the firm has implemented in order to give their customers better solutions and services. In 2017, FedEx will launch the use of alternative jet fuels that will be used to turn forest waste into jet fuel in which they claim this process will create a “smarter fuel” that way they can deliver sustainable packages to their customers. With their systematic ongoing approach of innovation FedEx has sponsored with the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis for better and more accurate research results (Innovation-About FedEx). While shipping more than 8 million packages and shipping worldwide, it is necessary for FedEx to analyze and unfold new services and products to satisfy their customers appropriately by providing efficient and timely mannered shipping services.
Supplier relationship process
All prospective suppliers that would like to make business with any of the FedEx companies are required to register through FedEx 's supplier contact registration tool. Supplier certifications and evaluation at Fedex requires suppliers to be compliant with ISO 27002:2005 and they must have a disclosure of all FedEx information without consent to
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