New Tax Policies Imposed On The Colonies Essay

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In 1765 Boston life in the colonies has been relatively tranquil certainly it has for Thomas
Hutchinson a fifth-generation Bostonian. Hutchinson has enjoyed good fortune and political success. The King appoints him Chief Justice and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. For years Thomas Hutchinson has been one of the colonies, most admired citizens until now. Hutchinson 's life is about to take a dramatic and ugly turn an angry mob is surging through Boston and Hutchinson is about to find out that he 's the man they are after.
He 's the man in charge of the Intolerable new policies imposed on the colonies by their British rulers, tax policies that have incited an increasingly violent rebellion among the people, a rebellion against attacks imposed not by their own local representatives but by Parliament 3,000 miles away in England.
Lieutenant governor Hutchinson is duty bound to enforce this controversial new tax, even though he personally opposes it. He is being denounced as a traitor. Massachusetts has never seen a mob as violent as this, they 're not just angry about the money, they 're angry at the assault on their Autonomy by English rulers who neither know them nor represent them. The revolt spreads like an epidemic through all 13 colonies, it 's hard to imagine that the fallout from this tax will ignite a social revolution unlike any other world has ever seen.
Across the Atlantic England 's King George the third is losing his patience, his colonies are acting like a
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