New Technolgy in the Trucking Industry

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New Technology in the Trucking Industry Sheila Hanson Southern New Hampshire University English Composition II (Eng.123) Professor McIntyre December 15, 2014 New Technology in the Trucking Industry Drivers who travel the interstate have shared the road with an 18 – wheeler, which incorporates a large portion of the transportation service industry (also known as the trucking industry), and have witnessed firsthand new technology working not only to protect the driver but you as well. New technology is defined as the specific methods, materials, and devices used to solve practical problems. Research has shown that new technology has been both helpful and harmful in changing the trucking industry, but was needed. The electronic log,…show more content…
| 2007 | Beginning in January 2007, the trucking industry will be required to submit an electronic cargo manifest to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), for trucks entering the United States through all ports of entry in the states of Washington and Arizona, and select ports in North Dakota. The information will be submitted through the automated commercial environment, or ACE, which CBP touts as its next-generation technology to track and process truck cargo. | 2008 | DOT reissued the 2005 HOS rules as a Final Rule | 2010 | The number of truck-involved fatalities dropped to the lowest level in recorded history, reflecting a 33 percent decrease in fatalities since the improved hours-of-service regulations first became effective in January 2004.Dot proposes changes to the hours of service rules. | 2014 | The FMCSA proposed a law that requires all drivers of commercial motor vehicles who are required to keep a log book to use an ELD for recording Hours-of-Service (HOS). | Data from FMCSA/DOT/GOV It was in the 1930’s the Department of Transportation (DOT) passed a law that required all commercial drivers to keep a log of every hour of every day, even

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