New Technology Advertising

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In the age of new technology, advertising companies have been forced to find new ways to make their commercial be powerful and memorable while still being able to sell a product. A quarter page ad in the newspaper is no longer a productive way to sell a product or deliver a public service announcement to the general population. Instead these advertising companies have been forced to find new and innovating methods to get their message across. The Budweiser company joined this movement with their “Friends are Waiting” commercial because they wanted to stand out from all the other campaigns against drinking and driving. They were able to effectively standout from similar commercials by using a dog as the main companion, remaining upbeat, and by their use of music. The Budweiser commercial, “Friends are Waiting”, was aired in 2014 as a part of the company’s campaign to reduce drinking and driving. This commercial was about the importance of finding an alternative ride home or a place to stay for the night if you have been drinking. Finding an alternative ride or a place to stay for the night would prevent you from causing an accident on the way home. The producers of this commercial used the bond between a yellow lab and his owner to show the importance of getting home safely after you have been drinking. They were able to achieve this by starting the commercial when the owner brings the dog home for the first time and then showing clips of them together as the dog grows older
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