New Technology Against The Axis Powers

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Dear Mr. President: Thank you for the opportunity to offer my consultation regarding the use of this new technology against the Axis powers. Thorough investigation has uncovered a multitude of conceivable outcomes and consequences for the United States. I offer my professional opinion on which of these outcomes may prove the greatest benefit to our cause. The current military conditions of the Japanese army are revealing that an end to this battle may come sooner than once thought. The Japanese’s casualties are 22 to 1 U.S. casualty, although as discussed in the White House meeting of June 18, 1945, the Japanese are willing to fight until they are faced with complete hopelessness. General MacArthur 's record of operations from “1 March…show more content…
A recent rise of U.S. casualties in the Pacific provides motivation for ending this war by any means necessary as soon as possible. An undeniable truth exists in the idea that there is currently a global military race. Even though the present military action utilizes allied forces, each entity directs effort towards its own individual objectives. We cannot assume we are the only military developing nuclear warfare. If the U.S. is the only power in possession of weapons of mass destruction, once this weapon is employed, all other entities will assume the priority of nuclear weapons technology. In a letter to the Secretary of War from the Office of Scientific Research & Development, dated September 30, 1944, U.S. scientists explain that “It is an old story in the advance of technology that after the first person has shown how something can be done there are soon developed cheaper and easier ways of accomplishing the same end. The advantage, therefore, that the United States and Great Britain possess in this area is very temporary indeed.” Though the U.S. may be the only military force with weapons of mass destruction at this point in time that could change very rapidly, causing the U.S. to lose its military advantage. "If we are in a situation in which several powerful countries are proceeding in secret to develop these
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