New Technology Against The Axis Powers

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Dear Mr. President: Thank you for the opportunity to offer my consultation regarding the use of this new technology against the Axis powers. Thorough investigation has uncovered a multitude of conceivable outcomes and consequences for the United States. I offer my professional opinion on which of these outcomes may prove the greatest benefit to our cause. The current military conditions of the Japanese army are revealing that an end to this battle may come sooner than once thought. The Japanese’s casualties are 22 to 1 U.S. casualty, although as discussed in the White House meeting of June 18, 1945, the Japanese are willing to fight until they are faced with complete hopelessness. General MacArthur 's record of operations from “1 March 1944 through 1 May 1945 shows 13,742 U.S. killed compared to 310,165 Japanese killed.” As provided by the Combined Chiefs of Staff in the Estimate of the Enemy Situation, “Japanese ruling groups are aware of the desperate military situation and are increasingly desirous of a compromise peace, but still find unconditional surrender unacceptable. The basic policy of the present government is to fight as long and as desperately as possible in the hope of avoiding complete defeat and of acquiring a better bargaining position in a negotiated peace. Japanese leaders are now playing for time in the hope that Allied war weariness, Allied disunity, or some "miracle" will present an opportunity to arrange a compromise peace." As we turn our focus…
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