New Technology During The Civil War Essay

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Civil War Paper A few years ago I was curious and did a free name search on , and what I found was that hundreds of people with the Ellison last name served on both sides in the Civil War. In honor of this interesting fact I would like to explore this time period in American history to see how my ancestors lived. In this paper I am going to primarily put my focus on the people of this war , and what technology used during this period of dramatic change in american history. New Technology The civil war had many new technologies arise that made it unique compared to the wars of the past. One of these technological improvements was the introduction of the Ironclad warship. This technology was introduced during the showdown between the Monitor and the Merrimac . These two Ironclad warships fought to a stalemate , but this struggle forever changed how ships would be designed. Another technology that had not existed in previous wars in american history was the reconnaissance balloon it allowed the union to gather information and send it through telegraph to the various commanders. The civil war brought the first submarine, The CSS Hunley. The Hunley successfully sank the Union ship Housatonic, but unfortunately the Hunley itself was damaged. The submarine would eventually prove to be important for all armies in the wars to come. The telegraph was first widely used during the civil war it allowed the Union to communicate and coordinate directly with President
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