New Technology's Impact On Marketplace

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Essay Portfolio: New Technology 's Impact on Marketplace. What would life be like without transportation technology? What if vehicles were as cutting-edge as futuristic Sci-fi films portray them to be? From Hybrid technology to completely electric vehicles it 's clear and evident that the automotive technology have evolved very rapidly in the last few decades. In today 's society, it is impossible to function without transportation. Motor vehicles are no longer what they use to be; with rapid growth in technological advancements, we have reached a pinnacle era where the extraordinary is now possible. A new immersing technology that many have fantasized about, may finally be a reality. Google and many of their partners, including Toyota, and Audi are collaborating into a research and development of a driver-less vehicle, which is essentially an artificial intelligent vehicle that does not require a driver for operation. With Google 's recent launch of their third developer prototype, this new model will feature advanced collision prevention technology, integration with Google services, and state of the art safety features. However, despite Google 's attempts to take pro-active measures on implementing and establishing a revolutionary intelligent technology, Google 's self driving cars do not meet very critical safety elements when compared to the average human intellect. As of May 29th, 2014, Google has officially presented its latest prototype which has neither a
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