New Testament Exegesis - Gospel Of Matthew : Concerning Prayer

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New Testament Exegesis – Gospel of Matthew: Concerning Prayer (6:5-14) Introduction Matthew 6:9-13 records the Lord’s Prayer in the account of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave this model prayer to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount (Greenman, 2012: 4). The Lord’s Prayer has been central to Christian liturgy and tradition ever since. This essay will first summarise the literary structure and historical context, including authorship and date and location of writing and audience of the gospel of Matthew. Followed by an overview and detailed account of the passage Matthew 6:9-13 before summarising the theological message and application for today’s Christians. Literary structure Matthew narrates the story of Jesus. The implied author of the Gospel of Matthew uses all the elements of the narrative to guide the implied reader’s response. The entire text is rhetorical (Anderson, 1994: 46). It is clear to scholars such as Gardner that Matthew ‘organizes material systematically at the level of literary units and the sections to which they belong’ (Gardner, 2013: Kindle Locations 239-242). The basic structure of the text is as follows: the Practice of Prayer (6: 5-15 6: 5-6), the Manner of Prayer (6: 7-13), the Language of Prayer (6: 14-15) and finally Forgiveness and Prayer (Gardner, 2013: Kindle Locations 1843-1844). Of note, Matthew particularly rearranges Mark’s material in the earlier chapters of the Gospel, especially through the insertion of the Sermon on the Mount (chaps.

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