New Trends In E-Business: E-Government And M-Commerce Essay

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The internet has emerged as a major, perhaps eventually the most important worldwide distribution channel for goods, services, managerial and professional jobs. This has profoundly changed the economics, markets and industry structure, products and services and their flow. The consumer segmentation, values and behavior has been shifting constantly due to new technological advances in electronic commerce and mobile commerce. E-commerce has given consumers cheaper products and services, instant delivery, no sales tax and information availability. The changes in the Internet and World Wide Web technologies and services lead to new developments in the way E-government efforts provide services to citizens and businesses, and in the
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It was discovered that through the use of this technology, customers could to business transactions with the organization electronically, and this led to the birth of “electronic business,” also referred as “E-Commerce”. An E-business model is an approach to conducting electronic business on the Internet, E-business transactions take place between two major entities-business and consumers. All E-business activities happen within the framework of two types of business relationship: (1) the exchange of products and services between business (B2B) and (2) the exchange of products and services with consumers (B2C), this is taken from Business Driven Information Systems book.
The discoveries achieved in early days of Web-enabled technologies through the use of electronic business led to the discovery of “electronic government”, also known as “eGov”. Government organizations began using these technologies to develop various applications to serve and govern their population in a fashion that was not possible a decade earlier. E-government uses improved Internet-based technology to make it easy for citizens and businesses to interact with the government, save taxpayer dollars, and streamline citizen-to-government communication. (Whitehouse). Now a days, E-government applications

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