New Trends Within Workforce Management

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As there are new trends within the workforce there are new challenges how to manage a company’s existing organizational structure. Workforce management “refers to the processes and activities needed to maintain a productive workforce” (Moschetto, 2014, p.7). This nearly encompasses every department within an organization and in order for it to be successful to any business it needs to work like a well-oiled machine. There are both opportunities and challenges within workforce management include new technology advancements and integrating customer demands, changes in regulatory requirements, maintaining diversified staffing needs all while attaining an cultural environment where employees can thrive and be engaged. Technology Advancement Technology has not only helped companies have a competitive edge but has enabled them to be more successful within their organization to be fit for the ever changing dynamic needs of the workforce. One example is that the different generations have different expectations. The Generation Y people have grown up with technology and have high expectations from all technology. They expect to use it has a tool to enable them to accomplish their job to enable them to become more successful. This will also be similar with the HR technology functionality. In the past generations prior to Gen Y were trained how to work with a computer, but Boomers and Gen X have much expectation for new technology (Konig, May 2015, p.20). In fact it
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