New Uniform and Appearance Standards in Army Regulation 670-1

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On 31st March 2014, the United States Army published new uniform and appearance standards in Army Regulation 670-1 and immediately faced a mixture of vehement resentment and patriotic acceptance. The cause for the differing reactions is the fact that not everyone concerned—everyone being active and retired Soldiers as well as interested citizens—believe that the written regulations accurately defines what it means to be an Army professional. Some are offended that the Army would loosen it standards during times of war to fill up it ranks but after the fighting is done suddenly decide these brave individuals are no longer worthy of its institution. Still others are ecstatic the Army is returning to older rules because they are personally disgusted with the standards of the “rag tag force” that’s now assembled, including its wear and appearance of the Army uniform (Bacon, 2012). These two passionate opposing views demand an answer from the collective Army consciousness. What defines the Army professional and how do the new uniform policies fit within that definition? As of yet, there is no official Army publication that defines Army professionalism. The closest utterance is the Army Regulation on leadership, AR 600-100 chapter one section five, “The moral and ethical tenets of the U.S.…

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