New Urbanism: Building a Discernible Activity Center in the Community

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New Urbanism is an urban planning and design movement that began in the United States in the early 1980s. The different between the older form and “New Urbanists” is in many areas. People started to concerned with “human scale” neighborhood. And there are mixed-use neighborhoods and mixed-income neighborhoods’ idea came up. And the public transportation is expanded to go more places. More and more sidewalks and bike lanes show up in the city because the goal of the new urbanism are to reduce dependence on the car, and to create livable and walkable, neighborhoods with a densely packed array of housing, jobs and commercial sites. So those people who are believe the new urbanism is called “new urbanists”.
The first one is build a discernible Activity Center in the community. This is often a plaza, square or green, and sometimes a busy or memorable intersection. A transit stop should be located at this center. This policy change will help fight poverty and its consequences. It will bring more jobs. And because every thing is close in the center, people can come to the center by take the public transportation. And another policy is expands the tax-base. The city expands the tax-base can create more jobs. And it also can draw middle-class back into the city from the suburb. With the more people come back from the suburb, the tax revenue would increase.

The first argue is the profession sport overstates make contribution in the area’s economy. In the impact studies, people
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