New Urbanism

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{text:change} {text:change} {text:change} {text:change} New Urbanism New Urbanism is a relatively recent architectural and social design principle to leave its mark {text:change} {text:change} on United States society. Many past contributing factors present in society {text:change} {text:change} have lead some Americans {text:change} {text:change} to call {text:change} {text:change} for the implementation of a New Urbanism way of life in recent years. After defining and {text:change} discussing exactly what New Urbanism is, I will {text:change} {text:change} {text:change} delve deeper into the movement in an attempt to uncover {text:change} {text:change} what this new movement is a response to. This, in turn, will help to…show more content…
Civic programs are crucial to the American society, economy, and environment (Duany and Plater-Zyberk 196). Such a shift towards increased emphasis on funding road {text:change} {text:change} work can be seen in the recent Economic Stimulus Bill passed by Congress and the President. Over $130 billion will be spent on the improvement and building of roads and bridges, which further highlight the relative importance of {text:change} {text:change} the automobile in American society. The other main {text:change} factor that lead to {text:change} {text:change} the birth of {text:change} {text:change} the New Urbanism movement is the suburban sprawl that accompanied the end of World War II. Sprawl, as defined by M. Gottdiener and Leslie Budd, is the “’haphazard growth’ of relative low density over an extended region, with residential units dominated by {text:change} single-family homes” (Gottdiener and Budd 145). Simply stated {text:change} {text:change} , sprawl is the exodus of citizens from the city into the outlying areas. Sprawl has lead to the creation {text:change} {text:change} of residential areas without much, if any, planning. This lack of planning usually results in the {text:change} {text:change} essential components of a {text:change} {text:change} {text:change} neighborhood being located far
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