New Utrecht High School Essay

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The school, the observation was being conducted is called New Utrecht High School. This high school was established on 1915, and it serves the neighborhood of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn. Bensonhurst was once known as the Little Italy of Brooklyn because it used to have a big population of Italians, but now this populations of Italians were replaced by a population of Chinese people, and also this neighborhood has a very large number of Chinese people born in china than any of other neighborhood in New York City This school has over 3000 students enrolled and it is part of New York City District 20. The information on the New York City Department of Education website on the school’s 2014-2015 School Quality Snapshot shows the school has a 74% rate of graduation in 4 years and 74% rate of graduation in 6 years. The student achievement level is 3 out of 4 on the New York City Department of Education rating scale. The report shows the students in the school earn 81% of enough credits to be on track for graduation and 80% of the students by 10th grade earn enough credits to be on track to graduation. The students in this school’s ability to pass the regents exam the students in this school in English, Mathematics and Science are 3 out of 4 levels and in Social Studies they are 4 out of 4 levels or at full proficiency to pass the social studies regents exam. In this school, 44% of the students have successfully completed an approved college or career preparatory courses and
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