New Venture Creation

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After 5 years at Saturation Inc. and despite your conscientious efforts in providing valuable market information, market shifts and trends, the management’s resolve to follow a strategic new direction to advance the business has disappointed you. The above situation has prompted you to start seriously thinking about creating a new venture to capitalize on the market opportunities you have identified. Note: Assume Saturation Inc. is in a business of your own expertise, specialization or passion. That is, select any new venture with which you are familiar or would like to be familiar with! Prepare core elements of a business plan for creating this new venture that include these points: • Highlight the entry and positioning of the business, which would differentiate it, and how the new venture would make the most impact. • Assess the attractiveness of the venture and the risks. • Detail the financing requirements of your venture including both debt and equity, and the source of the funds. • Detail the size of the business, the prospect for growth and the assumptions you have used. Executive Summary While employed at Saturation Inc. I diligently provided valuable market information which were never considered. The situation and my passion to promote Trinidad and Tobago culture, have prompted me create a new venture, which will capitalize on market opportunities identified. This new venture is a

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