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Page Executive Summary Overview 1.0 Industry 2.0 Market Analysis 3.0 Competitive Advantages 3.1 Proprietary Advantage 3.2 Strategic Differentiation 4.0 Marketing Plan 4.1 Products 4.2 Price 4.3 Promotion 4.4 Place 5.0 Key Persons 6.0 Organisational Plan 7.0 Operation 8.0 Financials 9.0 Harvest Issue 9.0 Conclusion 10.0 References 11.0 Group Key Learning Points 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 9 11 12 15 16 17 18


Executive Summary
One of the cornerstones of starting a business is a good business plan that will attract prospective investors to venture into the business. The business plan should cover all aspects of the proposed business from market
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However, we are unsure of the reliability of the survey conducted. Survey participants can generally show high acceptance for hang gliding excursions but whether or not they will do this regularly is another issue. To add to that, the survey was only done to understand detailed preference in hang gliding. With other products to be offered down the road, it will be good if the survey can cover the preference criteria for the other products as well so that projection on costs and revenue can be made. Assumptions regarding initial competition from various competitors might have been too optimistic. As most of the direct and indirect competitors have been in the market for some time, they may have their strategies and resources to react to Walking Peru‟s business setup. It is too risky not having any contingency plan to counter reaction from these existing players in the market. As the entry barrier is low, the market will open up quickly when the mode tourism reaches high acceptance and return on investment is high. The three pronged strategy mentioned could be too generic as this can be imitated by any competitor in the market. Competitors with bigger resources might even be able to more. Also, it is risky to assume that price competition will not come in. As the market reaches a certain level of saturation, some competitors may choose to specialize and have price leadership. If any competitor can offer a similar service with
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