New Water Management System Essay

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Table of Contents Details Page No Executive Summary 01 Introduction 02 Feasibility Report 03 Segmentation, Targeting, and positioning (STP) 04 Marketing Mix (4p’s) 05 Objective and issue sale forecasting 06 Budget plan 07 Promotional Budget for six month 08 Conclusion 09 Executive Summary Water irrigation and management system I use in this system new technology…show more content…
By using our system in 40% of water can be saved . The company operates through the use of our technology, in which wireless devices and sensors. You will be charged a monthly basis compared to the square footage . Use your own distribution channel and not subcontracting. In the end it will generate enough revenue to overcome the cost. Introduction The water irrigation system with new technology is introduced very low cost that meets all the requirements of modern irrigation system to facilitate the entire segment of people require. In Pakistan, farmers using old irrigation system that most benefits are provided. And agriculture plays an important role in our economy, but there is no improvement in the irrigation system used for many years and lead to waste water, and also have an impact on crop growth. I am sure that this system was readily adopted by our customers and can purchase our services, because the system is profitable. Instead of our old smart irrigation system should be favorable by customers and can easily afford. Our suppliers are those who buy the sensors and the system network and wireless zig bee dusting. Idea of the business The system should be back in Pakistan. Because in the old irrigation system used Pakistan that result in the loss of high quality water. Water Management System is a complete-effective, durable, and cost. Intelligent Irrigation and Water Management System, which allows producers, vineyards, golf courses,
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