New What Rank Are You Applying For?:. Helper. What Is Your

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New What rank are you applying for?: Helper What is your age?: 15 Whats your IGN?: GrannyPoon Are you a Boy or Girl?: Male What country do you live in?: United States Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: Do you have a microphone/headset?: Yes, I do. Why do you want this rank?: I am applying for helper because I want to help the community and the individuals on this server. I want to contribute my help by keeping the society clean. Also, I want to help the individuals that are seeking guidance. My general plan is to help with chat and guide each player to their own success. Generally speaking I would love to assist the server by keeping it fresh without all the spammers…show more content…
I can do everything that I am capable of to get proof to confirm that what I did was correct. I am very mature which is a big factor in being staff because you can 't have a staff being immature in chat who argues and disobeys orders. I do not abuse my power and am very respectful to everyone around me. I do this for the servers well being not for mine. I love this server and play it because its fun. But I see that there is room for improvement. I wasn 't scared or worried about applying because I love helping out others. I am dedicated to help others and reinforce all the rules. I strive to better the server and make it playable. Lastly I don 't want the rank for the title. I want this rank to help out the sever to keep it clean in all ways. This is why I want to apply for staff. How do you think you can assist the server if you become this rank?: How do I think I can assist the server? I can record hackers and players with clients. I have plenty of experience with hackers/cheaters because I owned a server myself. I banned plenty of hackers and have dealt with many different clients. I can record anyone who is hacking and can upload it and share it in team speak or Skype. I can show to higher staff to prove that the player is hacking. I will always ask a higher staff to confirm the situation so I don 't falsely accuse someone of doing something. That is very unprofessional. I can mute/temp-mute others if they are breaking the rules which are listed. I will

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